Temples at Teragram Ballroom


"I love you James," a female fan screamed out from the crowd as members of the English psych band Temples entered the stage at Teragram Ballroom. The band opened with "Colours To Life" before introducing the room to a new song off what we're hoping is finally a second album from the group. Adam Thomas Smith, the band's dual keyboardist and guitarist, deftly transitioned between the two instruments. The audience took advantage of their old-school sound to don on their favorite vintage looks. A woman in yellow silk vintage with hairstyle matching bassis Thomas Warmsley's swayed to the beat in her lover's arms. "Let's get wild," singer James Bagshaw declared as the crowd clapped along until they led them onto a long instrumental journey.

The band scaled it back momentarily with "The Golden Throne" before playing hit "Mesmerise," where the men behind us could be seen singing along to the lyrics with spirit. Next up was "Move With The Season" the debut album namesake "Sun Structures" while bathed in a green light. In the usual rockstar fashion, the guys left the stage while the audience chanted before returning to play fan favorite "Shelter Song." They brought everyone on a journey and for that we are thankful.

Photography by Robiee Ziegler