Photography by Alwin Maigler
Model Valentina Knoll 

about the photographer

Alwin Maigler is a 21 year old photographer based in South Germany. He began shooting 3 years ago, specializing in fashion and portrait photography. He and Valentina met up for coffee where she threw together an outfit and they guerrilla shot the short series. He mostly shoots with 35mm lens, preferring a very subtle and natural look in black and white, using little post production.

about the model

Valentina is a 21 year old model from Stuttgart, Germany, studying audio-visual media. She began modeling at 16. She chose her outfit simply (about 80% of her closet is filled with dark colors, primarily gray and black). Valentina leans towards a combination of wide fitted elements, like the trousers, with simple, tight black tops and feminine accessories. To break everything down and not make it look too feminine, she paired it heavy black boots. She believes you don't always have to wear patterns and bright colors to stand out a crowd.