The Secret World of Alexx Mack

If you find yourself stuck in the mundane, Alexx Mack is the perfect break from reality with her high-energy pop beats. The singer who first caught our attention with party anthem "SPARXX" has continued to churn out beats, collaborating with other artists and going into a new direction with her latest single. "Whatever I Want" details the relationship between two lovers caught into a whirlwind with one another. While still containing her signature grooves that inspires listeners to dance along to, her lyrics are portrayed in a more raw style than previous offerings. We caught up with Mack to get the skinny on her stage name, memorable performances and the advice she has for struggling artists.

Your real name is Alexx but your stage name of Alexx Mack is considered an alter ego–fun, sexy, spontaneous. What is her backstory?
The whole idea of Alexx Mack started when I would be out with friends and I would 'mack' on a guy. My friends called me out on it a lot. It turned into a long running joke that turned into my alter ego.

You also played in pop punk bands. Can you tell us a little more about that and the music scene overall at the time? How does it compare to the music scene today?
I see some relation with the punk scene of the 2000’s with the electronic scene of today. What started out as a niche crowd and genre that embraced expression turned into a mainstream pop phenomenon. I remember being very proud of the community of the punk scene, and I see that same sense of community with the “EDM” crowd.

What drives you to write? Do you typically write from your own experiences or about the world around you?
I usually do write about personal experiences. I have absolutely nothing to hide and I’m genuinely an open book. Writing about my life is so therapeutic to me, and I hope that my message influences my listeners. I’ve learned that writing truthfully yields the best results for me.

What’s one of the most memorable performances you’ve had so far in your career and what made it so special?
I celebrated the release of my Like We’re Famous EP in Hollywood last November at Sayers Club. It was so amazing to have all my friends and family and very first fans there showing all of their love and support. Seriously, the room had such an incredible energy. It felt like being in the most uplifting bubble of all time. The second show would have to be San Francisco Pride. I'm very active in the LGBT community, and being able to watch thousands of people come together in love, dancing and singing to my music was life-changing.

Alexx Mack_ Overbored-3.jpg

Where do you feel more comfortable, on the stage or in the studio? Why?
Both are such different yet intimate experiences. I love both just as much, honestly. I haven’t toured yet, but I’m looking forward to connecting one-on-one with fans. The energy from a live audience is definitely liberating for me.

Your style is very bright and flashy. Do you find the clothes help make the person or does the person make the clothes?
I'm a true believer that the person makes the clothes. You can take someone and put them in anything, but if that’s not who they truly are and they don’t have the attitude to rock what they are wearing, people can tell. I just wake up and put on whatever I feel good in... often leading to some questionable fashion choices, but fuck it–life is short!

How did your collaboration on “Stars” with APEK and Carl Nunes come about?
I wrote "Stars" about three years ago and they happened to hear it the a cappella recently! They contacted us to collaborate and soon had a full version of track.

What lessons have you learned since releasing your EP Like We’re Famous last summer?
I've learned to always stay true to who you are. Make the music you love always.


Being an artist can be a difficult but also extremely rewarding journey. What kind of support system do you have around you to make sure you stay on course through all the ups and downs?
I'm so lucky to have incredible friends and family who are continuously showing their love and support.

A lot of your music so far seems to be about going out there and embracing life. What advice would you give to those struggling to find their voice?
My advice would be to spend time with yourself and cut out the people who don’t encourage your authenticity! It all gets easier after that, I promise.


Photography by Anna Maria Lopez