Reigning Men: LACMA x Rhonda


On the surface, men have always gotten the short end of the fashion stick, traditionally outpaced by their peers creating womenswear collections. As fashion weeks continue to gain prominence and more emerging designers are able to participate in their local markets, the diversity in menswear continues to grow. In LACMA's Reigning Men: Fashion in Menswear, 1715–2015, the curators showcased pieces to display the growth of mens fashion over the past three centuries and challenge the preconception of "fashion" often being linked with "femininity."

The 200-look exhibition got a proper send off before closing its doors, reigning supreme as the star of the modern museum's annual Muse 'til Midnight celebration this past Saturday. LACMA teamed up with party heavyweights Rhonda INTL to bring a stage and flavor of epic proportions. Music was curated on deck by artists Kindness and J.Rocc while performances by dancer Leighanna Kennett (wearing stunning Wildchild World) and the always incredible Savage Family wow'ed the crowd. The night was a fusion of fashion, music and art and attendees made sure to look the part. Peep our photos below and stayed tuned for more from the LACMA team.

Photography by Robiee Ziegler